Annie Tung

Ford: Changing the Way We Move (360 Transform)


Continuing from the transformation scene in the Changing the Way We Move spot, the idea is to further explain Ford’s different types of technology that help people move freely.


When Ford’s brand spot for Changing the Way We Move launched, the last scene received a lot of positive feedback. The scene showed Ford’s intention of making the streets move better for both traffic and pedestrians.


We believe that it was a story that we can expand on and an opportunity to layer in additional engagement for people to truly experience Ford’s initiatives.

Using stats and insight, we were able to solidify our case for an interactive 360 video to help tell Ford’s extended story:

  • Consumers are responding to interactive video with increased engagement rates; viewers watch them 44% longer than linear videos
  • More Engagement: make viewing active instead of passive, by creating a game-like experience we are able to grab and keep an user’s attention and result in a 591% lift in user activity
  • Better Conversion: They convert at significantly higher rates than many other types of digital video ads
  • More Memorable: The sheer ability to engage with content makes a suer more likely to remember Ford. Interactive videos are 32% more memorable than linear video ads
  • Delight The User: it’s a great way to add a moment of delight to the user experience as viewers explore an interactive story and learn more about Ford, all while having fun


Many platforms support 360 videos which we took into consideration of how it would be promoted to get the audience to interact with the unit. The video had a huge success in Facebook, Youtube and 360 ad units.


As the Senior Art Director at GTB for the overall campaign – I was responsible for the concept, storyboard development and selling the idea to the client.  I also provided art direction on the overall look and feel, street design, brand and product consistency while working closely with the 3D vendor house and audio house.


In order to sell through the idea of the 360 video, I’ve created a rough 3D animation in Blender to help pitch to client.