Annie Tung

BrainStation x Budweiser Hackathon

BrainStation & Budweiser hosted the first ever Tackle Impossible Hackathon in Toronto on January 29-31st 2016. Tackle Impossible challenged participants to come up with innovative solutions to tackle global road safety and champion designated driving. Participants are put into teams of 5 to conceptualize, design user interface and create a marketing strategy within 3 days to present in front of a panel of judges. Over 13 teams were stationed at BrainStation to develop their proposals.

My team , Foxtrot, had won 3rd place with the creation of a social enabled cup that uses sensor to detect alcohol and turning the cup from blue to red. It automatically creates an Instagram account for the designated driver and can tag/add friends. Throughout the night the designated driver is the gate keeper of fun, which accepts challenges within the app to play with friends. Photos taken with the cup (blue light) are automatically uploaded & tags friends in Instagram to ensure the designated driver is still sober.






01. Landing sign up screen.


02. Activating the “cup” by naming it which would automatically create an Instagram account with the same name.


03. Add your friends so they’ll be automatically tagged in all photos within the new created Instagram account.


04. The team is ready to take on fun challenges.


05. In order to succeed to the next level, the team will need to snap a photo doing the challenge.


06. The photo is automatically uploaded to the Instagram account.



A live prototype cup that turns alcohol from the lights red to blue.