Annie Tung

Dairy Farmers of Ontario x Google Maps (NFA)

Dairy Farmers of Ontario has a billboard set up in the city and leverages Google Maps’ native functionality for a special digital activation.

Ancestry: Your DNA Story

Ancestry wants to create a social first campaign that helps the audience to learn about the product.

Sherwood (Anomaly)

Sherwood is launching their first Rekker M90 hockey sticks on social media.

Cadillac XT4 Installation (Isobar)

Cadillac is to launch their first-ever 2019 XT4 which an interactive and immersive installation is developed to help consumers to experience the vehicle.

Ford 360 Animation (GTB)

Continuing the transformation scene from the first Changing the Way We Move spot, this 360 animation takes the user onto a journey that shows how different types of Ford’s innovation are helping people move freely.

Ford Brand Campaigns (GTB)

Helping Ford to launch new high budget campaigns to tell the story of ingenious solutions for better mobility and movement.

Jeep Digital Experience (SapientRazorfish)

Enhanced digital experience & concept design.


Hologram technology utilized to create an unique shopping and product selection experience for customers.


A concept design which an user signs in through a mobile app to join a fitness class leaderboard that generates real-time performance data (e.g. distance, calories burned, repetitions).

AR Experience: The WOW Guide

Canadian Tire has launched ‘The WOW Guide’, a printed catalogue that allows users to scan pages with the CT app to view more content & product information. It also features a VR experience within Google Cardboard.

Brainstation Hackathon 2016: #TackleImpossible

BrainStation & Budweiser hosted the first ever Tackle Impossible Hackathon in Toronto on January 29-31st 2016. Tackle Impossible challenged participants to come up with innovative solutions to tackle global road safety and champion designated driving.

Canadian Tire: Edmonton Showcase Store

Canadian Tire has built their largest store in South Edmonton Common, Edmonton. The store uses more than 100 interactive digital screens to help & inspire customers with their shopping experience. My role was the design lead for the overall artistic direction for the interactive digital screens – such as look & feel, interaction, animation. 

Canadian Tire: InStore KIOSK

32″ & 48″ landscape instore KIOSK to help customers at Canadian Tire to search for products, compare and add products to list, and sign up to the CT loyalty program within one device. My role was the design lead for the overall artistic direction and working closely with the development team, BAs to ensure the product is delivered correctly. 

Astra Zeneca: Frontline Health

An online photography exhibition that emphasizes on the importances of health care for all individuals. My role was the design lead for the overall artistic direction and design.

Site Design

A collection of sites that I’ve art directed, designed and developed.