Annie Tung


Canadian Tire has built their largest store in South Edmonton Common, Edmonton. The store uses more than 100 interactive digital screens to help & inspire customers with their shopping experience.

As the Design Lead for the instore digital experience, I was responsible for the overall creative direction, interaction and visual design. I was leading 4 other designers through design / technical problems by providing art direction & feedback for all necessary creatives within the project. I collaborated with UX and Development team to conceptualize and problem-solve to create the best product. I’ve also worked closely with Product Owners and Business Analysts to ensure all business requirements are met and all necessary deliverables are met for sprint cycles. After each sprint and demo from the development team, I also QA and live test to ensure the best final product.



Instore Digital Screen Spec: Portrait 34″

The Interactive Garage lets the user build and view their vehicle using parts sold at Canadian Tire. The car animation acts as a teaser for the interactive screen. When the screen is activated, the user can select their vehicle in the ‘garage setting’, and select different vehicle colours. The user can also select different interior, exterior and performance accessories which would showcase in their selected vehicle. As the user adds different products onto their car, the products are also added into a product list which they can send to the auto department for purchase.


Instore Digital Screen Spec: Portrait 34″, Tablet Portrait 10″


01. Home Screen

The BBQ Selectors are situated among the BBQ products within the Canadian Tire store. They are used to help customers to select the best BBQ and provide product information.



02. Product Results

This the product results page where it displays all infos regarding the relevant products. The user can sort the products, add them to a compare or purchase list.


Instore Digital Screen Spec: Portrait 34″


01. Home Screen

The Small Projects / HOW-TO is a digital experience that allows customers to search for fun home projects and locate related products within the store. This is the home screen which promotes the different home projects with a search functionality and category selections.


02. Category Screen

Once the user has selected a category from the home screen, it takes the user to the category page which they can select a different subcategories and sort the different projects they want to see.


03. Step by Step Guide

Once the user has selected their project, they can view the step by step guide and the related products (with aisle info) to each of the steps. The user can add the products to a list and send the list or the project to themselves or friends.

The content within Small Jobs instore experience is also live online. 

All the content that are seen within the Small Jobs instore experience are also available online in the Canadian Tire website. This allows the content to be reached by different audiences and help leverage sales in store. The responsive site utilizes the same brand and UI components as the instore experience with some slight changes based on usability. Content only needs to be updated once in order to be pushed to both instore and online.

Below are the designs for the responsive site in both desktop & mobile.