Annie Tung


I was recently invited to interview for a design position at Google’s headquarter in Mountain View, California. Although I was not selected to join their team, it was an amazing experience to put together a design exercise for my presentation. My design topic is a mobile app that lets users to agree to join a public digital leaderboard within a fitness class. This is to generate friendly competition among classmates within a fitness class and help each student to monitor their progress.

For this design exercise I am using an example of a spin class called Smart Cycle. Each bike is synced with a central digital screen that displays a leaderboard. Students of the spin class would need to download a mobile app to connect to the bike they’re using, and create a public identity to be part of the leaderboard.


01. Once the user opens up the app it’s automatically synced with the exercise bike closest to them. They can also change the bike if it’s wrong. It’ll ask the user if they want to join the public leaderboard.

02. It requires the user to enter a name which would be displayed in the leaderboard.

03. The user can also upload an image to represent themselves for the leaderboard. If no image is uploaded, a generic avatar is used. They can also remove themselves from the leaderboard if needed.

04. If the user has logged in before, the app will remember the name & image.

05. The user can edit the settings such as connecting the app with other fitness apps to sync progress, and posting to social media. They can also change their name if needed.


01. The digital leaderboard showing all the students who have logged in within the app in the spin class. The leaderboard showcases a 3D animation of the cycling trip where the students’ avatars are portrayed to keep them motivated.

02. Every 3 minutes it will also display the students’ info by ranking, distance they have cycled, revolutions per minute, heart rate and calories burned. These information are also synced to the students’ fitness apps and social media if they have enabled the features within the log in app.

*3D animation of bikers on a road: