Annie Tung



Jeep has launched the My Jeep Story year long campaign that asked fans to submit their own Jeep stories to be featured on site.

  • The year has come to an end which there should be a way to end the campaign and thank the fans
  • Encourage people to keep engaging and submitting their stories through social media to keep the community and conversation alive


Art Director

  • Conceptualize, design, prototype and pitch ideas that answer to the business objective and ask
  • Collaborate closely with business analysts, technologists, developers and project managers to ensure the best delivery and result


My Jeep Story honor badge

  • This badge symbolizes the campaign year and as a thank you to the fans
  • Reward for people who have submitted to My Jeep Story to put on their Jeeps
  • People who have received the badge are encouraged to post photos of it on social media with #MyJeepStory


Rotating 3D Jeep created with story tiles

  • An interactive Jeep created with story tiles to demonstrate “We don’t’ make Jeep. You do”
  • User can spin the Jeep in the environment to view it in different angles
  • Each tile is clickable and opens up the respective story
  • Mobile compatible